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Smoke Works

Smoke Works advances health equity in harm reduction by making injection alternatives accessible at syringe access points.

We further dismantle barriers through research, advocacy, consumer, and provider education.

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we want to help you.

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News from Smoke Works

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STEP & MAP Programs

Smoke Works has launched expanded discounts programs. Read more and see if your harm reduction organization qualifies!

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2023 Annual Report

Over 1 million pipes secured for harm reduction programs in 2023! Read how and why we do it!

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New Harm Reduction Products

  • Fully made kits for pipe distribution
  • Full line of Wise Batch test strips and scoops
  • 5 different pipes to support safer smoking
  • Safer alternatives to chore for filters

Conference & Speaking Schedule

  • April: SOS R.I.C.H. Conference (New Hampshire)
  • May: MA SSP Conference
  • May: Intersections Conference (MA)
  • May: CAI New Jersey
  • July: NACCHO 360

Interested in presentations, workshops, or capacity building around harm reduction and safer smoking?
Contact our team for more details.

Purchasing from Smoke Works

Smoke Works sells to harm reduction agencies of all sizes, from grassroots to public health. Needs based pricing ensures pipes no matter what your budget.


Open Discounts

All accounts can apply open discounts to products for a percentage off their purchase, as they see fit. No questions asked.

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STEP Program

Independent, underfunded harm reduction programs may apply for access to larger discounts on more items.

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MAP Program

When needs based pricing isn't enough, we may be able to provide larger discounts or donations on a case by case basis.

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All accounts have access to Open Discounts & MAP program. Register for an account today.

If you have an active account, apply for access to STEP program.

Begin the process by registering today!

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Our unique system recirculates funds spent on harm reduction.

Spending with Smoke Works supports independent harm reduction programs without stable funding.

Not Just Pipes

  • Test strips & drug checking tools
  • Sterile water & saline
  • Sniff & boof kits
  • Safer smoking accessories


  • Research & publication
  • Technical Assistance
  • Capacity Building



Pipe Distribution: Why?

Traditionally focused on opioid injection, harm reduction can do so much more.

Non-injecting populations tend to experience intersectionality, further marginalized within the world of drug use. Sex workers, BIPOC communities, and those who engage in chemsex may benefit from access to safer use equipment for smoking.


"Pipe distribution has opened up so many conversations we didn't know about before. We now serve a wider range of people.."

Pipe Distribution: The Results

Based on internal surveying of Smoke Works partner programs (2023)


of Partner Programs report

Greater engagement of existing clients


of Partner Programs report

Credit pipes for new participant engagement


of Partner Programs report

Reduced injections among participants

Pipe distribution amplifies all the benefits of syringe exchange, extending services to new people.

Every injection event avoided reduces risk of HIV/HCV transmission.

We don't pick and choose harm reduction.