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Smoke Works

Smoke Works advances health equity in harm reduction by making injection alternatives accessible at syringe access points.

We further dismantle barriers to injection alternatives through research, advocacy, consumer, and provider education.


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News & Updates from Smoke Works

02/24: Website Maintainence

There will be no interruption to accounts or ordering while we update SmokeWorks.org

02/24: New Products

Smoke Works now offers all pipes and accessories individually or in fully assembled kits for your convienence.


02/24: 2023 Annual Report

Over 1 million pipes secured for harm reduction programs in 2023! Read about how and why we do it, and what challenges we've overcome.   COMING SOON



Needs Based Pricing

Open Discounts

All accounts have the ability to choose the price they pay for glassware. Roughly 5% of every purchase with Smoke Works subsidizes discounts and donations of pipes to underfunded harm reduction groups.

STEP Program

Independent, underfunded harm reduction programs may apply for access to larger discounts and less expenvive pipes. 


MAterial Aid Program

Everybody purchasing with Smoke Works has access to our Material Aid Request Form. When open discounts or expanded assistance isn't enough, we may be able to provide larger discounts or donations. 


Not Just Pipes

Smoke Works offers more than just pipes!

  • Test strips & drug checking tools
  • Sterile water & saline
  • Sniff & boof kits
  • Safer smoking accessories

Why Pipes?

Health Equity

Life saving harm reduction services are often focused on opioid injection. Pipes engage people who use stimulants and communities less likely to inject.

HIV/HCV Risk Reduction

By reducing relianance on syringes, we help mitigate risks of HIV/HCVtransmission from shared equipment.

Overdose Prevention

Expanding access allows for greater Nalxoone distribution. Pipes create the opportunity for people using drugs to pace use, taking only what they need, as they need it.

Engagement & Autonomy

Not everybody wants to inject, but few have access to options. Simplifying use and creating safer experiences reinforces autonomy and helps engage larger audiences.

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"Since we began distributing pipes we have had reports from a significant amount of our participants that they have greatly reduced or completely stopped injection drug use.."

-SW Partner Program

"Our relationship with Smoke Works increases our confidence as a program to provide a resource that folks want, need, and deserve.."

-SW Partner Program

"Smoke Works offering our program affordable pipe options is very helpful to the longevity of our program. Being a non-profit agency with limited funding, this is crucial to not only the success of our program but for the clients who access these supplies"

-SW Partner Program