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We've documented our accomplishments, history, mission, and the future of Smoke Works in our first ever Annual Report. It is our hope that in addition to some bragging, we've shown that fulfilling unmet needs can better our community, and the people we serve.

2023 By the numbers


We secured 1.1 million pipes for harm reduction programs!


Our unique needs-based pricing saved programs over $60K!


To date we have supported over 300 programs in over 40 states and terrirories!

"Since we began distributing pipes we have had reports from a significant amount of our participants that they have greatly reduced or completely stopped injection drug use”

Wiley Shearhart, Confluence HRKC

"Smoke Works is an incredible program. I am proud & honored to order from them--knowing our little orders go on to support other programs & missions is awesome."

Anon. SW Partner Program

"The best thing about working with SW is that they will make sure you get what you need, no questions asked."

Veronika Ethereal, NCHRC West

Looking forward to 2024


Our Research Team is planning multi-site evaluations of safer smoking materials, their benefits to programs and participants.


A new program designed to further support independent, underfunded harm reduction groups - coming soon!

Material Aid

Expanded capacity for larger discounts and complimentary harm reduction items budgets won't allow for.

How you can help our mission

Word of Mouth

Money spent with Smoke Works directly funds material aid, research, and pipe distribution to over 300 programs. If you know a harm reduction organization in need of supplies, recommend Smoke Works to them!


Smoke Works is primarily revenue funded, making donations truly accelerate our work!

Donate Now


Continue to amplify the needs of people who use drugs, and make sure those entering the harm reduction sphere don't ignore stimulant use or alternatives to injection!

Our work is informed by survivorship, equity, and compassion
in the midst of an ongoing war on drugs people.


We would like to thank and remember two friends, without whom there would be no Smoke Works.

Khrissy Marie Dinsmore
September 25, 2021

Chris Alba
September 23, 2023

You are missed every day, and countless lives are better thanks to you. No more dead friends.