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Smoke Works secures pipes for distribution regardless of financial barriers. 

See below for information on discounts and expanded assistance programs.

Open Discounts

Smoke Works sells to harm reduction agencies of all sizes, from grassroots to public health. Needs based pricing ensures pipes no matter what your budget.

All active accounts are invited to apply open discounts to the most essential products in our catalog.

 Roughly 5% of your sale covers discounts and donations of pipes to others. We extend to you the trust that you'll pay what you can, supporting other programs.

This is material aid.

This is harm reduction.

We maintain a list of products available for open discount:

  • Bubble Pipes
  • Love Roses
  • Heavy Stems
  • Long Stems

How much are discounts?

  • Discounts are fluid, based on availability, and subject to change
  • Current discounts available: 3% / 6% / 9%
  • Discount is not applied to shipping
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"We wouldn't have been able to supply folks with smoking supplies if it weren't for Smoke Works' commitment to supporting grassroots mutual aid orgs."

Assistance Programs

 When Open Discounts aren't enough, we may provide further assistance. Our STEP and MAP programs serve unfunded, community-based groups.

STEP Program


Independent, underfunded harm reduction programs may apply for access to larger discounts on more items.

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MAP Program


When needs based pricing isn't enough, we may be able to provide larger discounts or donations. 

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