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Our Story

Smoke Works was founded by a Boston area outreach team, and has grown to support harm reduction nationally.

Smoke Works Story

Founding (2020)

Jim & Nate, working at the AHOPE Needle Exchange, see the effect of pipe distribution, despite having noconsistent source of them. Determined to secure pipes for their clients, the team looks to other Syringe Service Programs (SSPs) for guidance on funding for injection alternatives.

Buyers' Club (2020-2021)

Upon learning that most SSPs rely on donations to purchase pipes, Jim & Nate begin the first of three Buyers’ Clubs. Over twelve independent harm reduction groups join, allowing each to get more pipes for less through a program called “Smoke Works.”

Sales (2021)

Group purchases could not support growing demand, and Smoke Works pivoted to direct sales. Our distribution began to support harm reduction agencies of all sizes: Outreach groups, public health departments, non-profits, clinics, and so on.


Discounts & Mutual Aid (2021)

Not having infrastructure in which to invest (shippingout of their homes!), Jim & Nate recirculate profits back into the underfunded groups that supported early Buyers’ Clubs. Donations of cash helped shelter, clothe, feed, and care for people – all funded by the sale of pipes!

While growing, the SW team realized most buyers faced budgetary challenges, preventing them from buying pipes. The mutual aid branch of SW was leveraged to create a needs-based pay model.

Research (2021)

To overcome a lack of data on the efficacy of safer smoking as a public health intervention, Smoke Works assembled a research team. Katie & Abby began a detailed synthesis of literature, published in the Harm Reduction Journal in 2023.


Technical Assistance & Advocacy (2023)

The SW Team develops staff training and technical assistance (TA) for programs launching safer smoking initiatives and helps frame the use of pipes as integral to harm reduction practices for, well, anybody who will listen!

2024 & Beyond

As Smoke Works grows to meet more needs, our dedication is to keeping harm reduction inclusive, radical, and effective.

Our team is building new research projects to reinforce the efficacy of our interventions. Procurement remains paramount, and we continue to find new ways to make pipes more accessible.