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Smoke Works sessions are led by people with relevant lived/living experience.

Our job is to engage and inform  your team, institution, or audience.

The result will be a better understanding of issues affecting people who use drugs.

Capacity Building Sessions

Sessions can be held virtually or in person. All content is catered to the needs of your team, institution, or audience.

Safer Smoking in Harm Reduction

Lets talk about what harm reduction has to offer, and how to expand beyond just services for opioid injection.

  • What is harm reduction: Who do we serve? What needs are left unmet?
  • How to engage and help more people.
  • Efficacy of safer smoking initiatives
  • Practical functionality of injection alternatives
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HIV Education & Harm Reduction Risk Assessment

Over 1 million people in the U.S. live with HIV, yet the disease remains misunderstood and feared. Lets provide your staff with the best information to help program participants.

  • How has HIV prevention and care advanced?
  • What are the real risks associated with HIV and drug use?
  • How to talk to participants about risk and testing
  • Harm reduction prevention methods

Harm Reduction 101

Harm reduction is more than just needles & naloxone. Focus of this session is on material most pertinent to your group:

  • Stimulant & Poly Substance Use
  • Overdose Prevention & Reversal
  • Injection Alternatives & Routes of Administration


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