Punks With Lunch

Punks With Lunch

I talk a lot about the trust from the greater harm reduction community that fostered Smoke Works' and helped us grow into our mission. Some of that trust and inspiration came from Punks With Lunch.

In honor of that trust, when folks from the community say they have a need, we want to respond, no questions asked. I cannot give you a name, or describe well the situation a person connected to PWL found themselves in. But I can tell you they are in a better spot today, because PWL reached out to help the person.

Smoke Works sent $1,000 to help reach a financial goal to pay rent for somebody PWL knew and wanted to help. 

There may be nothing harder to rebound from than violence or houselessness. PWL knows this, and helped somebody who may otherwise have fallen victim to both. And we were honored to be able to help. 

As always, I like to remind anybody reading that sales of PIPES directly created this opportunity. Thats harm reduction. Thats mutual aid. 

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