$40 To an unsheltered couple

$40 To an unsheltered couple

I work at a well funded SSP with programming most would only dream of, including on site drug checking, and several vehicles including a mobile clinic. I'd parked the clinic van and began heading out the other day. Outreach had been slow because it was pouring buckets, and the rain had driven everybody indoors. I was a little underwhelmed with the day's accomplishments.

Behind our building is a couple who has had pretty consistent success setting up camp. Security (not at our request) often asks them to move during the day, and they oblige, after cleaning the area thoroughly. They're kind, respectful, clean, and I can tell they make an effort (for every good reason) to avoid the concentration of tents less than a mile down the road, keeping them out of other peoples' trouble.

As well funded as we are, there are very few items we have to dispense aside from injection supplies. I had some emergency blankets to pass off to them. But that seemed like so little. It was raining. Its November, so every night is colder. I found some pop tarts indoors, and brought those, too. And that seemed... insulting. Then I remembered, Smoke Works had just been paid for a few open invoices. Awesome. I knew we had a few bucks to spare so I slipped them $40. It isn't much at all, but its better than pop tarts. 

This is what blows me away about the formula we've created. That $40 came directly from sales of pipes. It was drug use across the country (and harm reduction being applied to the use) that CREATED that $40. 

Drug use funding Harm Reduction. 

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